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CN Index Table

  • High precision 3-piece gear clutch provides high positioning accuracy on table top.
  • Servo motor drive combined with gear clutch positioning makes the unit suitable for flexible angular machining.
  • Dual lead worm transmission provides minimum positioning time and allows for reversible rotation.
  • Powerful hydraulic locking system suits heavy duty machining.
  • Can be online with CNC boring machine to serve as a fourth spindle, or used together as a single axis.
NOTE: Other HRNC-500S, HRNC-500X600 models are available. Contact us for more details.

Drawing HINC-630S

Drawing HINC-800S


Model HINC-630S HINC-800S
Application horizontal Horizontal
Turntable sizes(mm) 630 x 630 800 x 800
Width of T-slot (mm) 18H7 22H7
Total reduction ratio 1/180
Min. indexing angle 1o or 5o
Locking system Hydraulic 35kg/cm2
Indexing accuracy กำ5 sec. กำ5 sec.
Reqetitive acuracy กำ1 sec. กำ1 sec.
Load capacity 2500kg 3000kg
Weight (motor extruded) 800kg 1000kg
NOTE : Choice of FANUC Ø 12 or MITSUBISHI HA100 Servo motor. Also availadle with Fanuc Ø22 or Mitsubishi HA200 esrvomotor.
NOTE : Other models are available. Contact us more details.
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