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Tanshing Accurate manufactures index tables for machining, equipment positioning, automation, inspection and assembly. The indexing table features cnc gear coupling, exclusive 3-piece coupling, indexing accuracy 5 seconds, hydraulic braking system, and more. Through contiunous research and development, we manufacture high quality cnc index tables which achieve the standard of demanding Japanese market. TANSHING CNC indexing tables are and appreciated by customers both nationwide and worldwide.


CNC Rotary Index Table

  • Worktable diameters 255, 320, 400m. (Vertical and horizontal applications)
  • CNC gear coupling rotary table.
  • Exclusive 3-piece coupling suits heavy duty machineing.
  • Indexing accuracy กำ5 seconds.
  • Hydraulic braking system.
    Minimum indexing angle 1o or 5o.

Drawing MINC-255

Drawing MINC-320

Drawing MINC-400


Model MINC-255 / 255 N MINC-320 / 320 N MINC-400 / 400 N
Indexing angle 1o or 5o 1o or 5o 1o or 5o
Worktable diameter Ø255 Ø320 Ø400
Table height(Horiz.) 195 230 260
Center height(Vert.) 160 210 255
Dia. of center bore. Ø40 H7 Ø100 H7 Ø120 H7
Through hole dia. Ø33 Ø80 Ø80
Width of T-slot 12 H7 14 H7 14 H7
Width of guide block 18 h7 18 h7 18 h7
Servo motor Mitsubishi HF-53T HF-153T HF203S
FANUC α 4i α 8i α 12i
Total seed reduction ratio 1/120 1/120 1/120
Max RPM 33.3 (Motor 4000r.p.m) 25 (Motor 3000r.p.m) 25 (Motor 3000r.p.m)
Clamping force (kg) 300(Hydraulic pressure 35kg/cm2) 400(Hydraulic pressure 35kg/cm2) 500(Hydraulic pressure 35kg/cm2)
Apacity Horiz 300 kg 350 kg 500 kg
Vert 125 kg 175 kg 250 kg
Allowable turntable torque 250kg-m 350kg-m 450kg-m
Accuracy of indexing กำ 5" กำ 5" กำ 5"
Net weight 115kg 205 kg 355 kg
NOTE : The length of servo motor guard plate varies with different servo motore.
"N" means shortened motor cover. Contact us for shortened sheet metal drawings.
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