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MRNC - 255 / 320 / 400

CNC Rotary Table

  • Worktable diameter 255mm.
  • Motor is mounted at right. (Vertical and Horizontal applications)
  • Exclusive dual lead worm drive.
  • Wholly circular hydraulic locking system.

Drawing MRNC-255

Drawing MRNC-255B

Drawing MRNC-255N

Drawing MRNC-320

Drawing MRNC-320N

Drawing MRNC-400

Drawing MRNC-400N


Model MRNC-255/255N MRNC-320/320N MRNC-400/400N
Worktable diameter Ø255 Ø320 Ø400
Table height(Horizontal) 167 222 250
Center height(Vertical) 160 210 255
Overall height(Vertical) 350 385 465
Spindle hole diameter Ø33 Ø42 Ø41
Center bore diamenter Ø40 H7 Ø40 H7 Ø40 H7
T-Slot size 12 H7 14 H7 14 H7
Guide block size 18 h7 18 h7 18 h7
Number of worm gear teeth 72 72 72
Servo motor(model as required) FANUC MELDAS FANUC MELDAS FANUC MELDAS
α 4i α 8i HF-53T HF-103T α 12i HF-203S α 12i HF-203S
Speed reduction ratio 1/180 1/180 1/180
Minimum input increment 0.001o 0.001o 0.001o
Table rotation speed 22.2r.p.m(Motor 4000r.p.m) 16.6r.p.m(Motor 3000r.p.m) 16.6r.p.m(Motor 3000r.p.m)
Clamp torque & Clamp method (kg-m) 50 (Hydraulic pressure 35kg/cm2) 85 (Hydraulic pressure 35kg/cm2) 180 (Hydraulic pressure 35kg/cm2)
Cumulative indexing accuracy 15" 15" 15"
Repeatablity 4" 4" 4"
Load capacity(kg) Horizontal 250kg 350kg 500kg
Vertical 100kg 150kg 200kg
Tail-stock used 250kg 350kg 500kg
Allowable inertia force 12.3kg-cm-sec2 38.5kg-cm-sec2 99.8kg-cm-sec2
Max torque capacity of worm gear 48 kg-m 78 kg-m 170 kg-m
Allowable work piece diameter Ø255 Ø320 Ø400
Net weight(motor excluded) 88 kg 162 kg 262 kg
Note : Choice of junction box location at right, top or back side of the rotary table. * "N" means reduced sheet plate.
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